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Be Group for E-marketing & web design development is a leader company in E-marketing and internet solutions since 2009 .. Be Group developed a wide experience in the social media marketing that can enrich your business to catch up with your competitors and work to skip them .. We have faith that the social media made the biggest shift in different business fields since the global digital revolution broke out .. Be Group follows the lightning social marketing rays to reach what is beyond your dream in your business field by following two ways :

Facebook Management

Facebook paid adds



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  • Inside Crowd

    By opening a new market channel on the internet world with a permanent buzzing to get the target market.

  • Raise Customers

    Raise the number of related and interested customers.

  • Wide Selling

    Widen your selling range.

  • Increase Traffic

    Attract the public traffic to join your website.

  • Optimization

    Optimize your website on Google search engine.

  • Social Media

    Be Group developed a wide experience in the social media marketing that can enrich your business.

Facebook Fan Page Management


It is very convincing to use Facebook advertising when you know the fact which says that one person in every nine people on Earth is using Facebook website ..
Generally, Facebook shows people adverts they find interesting and relevant, so we can specify this service to direct your adverts to the targeted Facebook users ..
We have the professional experts who accurately mastered in directing Facebook Adds to gain the required popularity..

Page Management

We help you by performing the following steps to specify managing your fan page :

    • We create the fan page ,Manage and Maintain it.
    • We make a direct access link to Facebook.
    • We increase the number of your fans.
    • We have specialists in fan page management that are dedicated to manage and reply all activities on your Facebook page ..
    • We create a brand Facebook application ..
    • We work to improve your relationships with your clients ..
    • We have the professional staff who can fully customize and design the look of your fan page include profile picture and cover photo design ..
    • Monthly , we send you a status report includes your fans interactions and fan page on Facebook ..
    Be Group E-marketing experts launch a new channel on Youtube website with a unique style that is suitable for your products. Add your ads, videos and market your channel to gain more and more of youtube users ..

    We edit your company profile with your suitable data , and focus on the targeted users by sending them your account, search for targeted customers and link them ..

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    Reasons to Select Be Group services

    What may you have to grow your business with Be Group?

    We invent unique products and services with a high potential of flexibility and creativity to specify our services to meet your business needs. We increase your website visibility, gain new clients, build more effective website, and give a trusted E-marketing process.

    Be 4 E.Marketing mission!
    To give a trusted E-marketing process for our clients both Egyptian and Saudi companies to e-market their products and services locally and internationally in addition to socializing their existing.
    Be 4 E.Marketing vision!
    To get entrepreneurship in the field of digital marketing.


    Dr.Dina CEO, La Parisienne
    Thank you Be4em team for your best efforts to keep me on the top in my field

    The good targeting and high ratio customers came upon my e-marketing campaign are achievements which I appreciate Be Group for giving me such rewarding service I hope for my business.

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